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    Hey, me again.

    As I continue to make my game I am ever interested in what others have made, therefore I will be posting below games that I am using for research and inspiration. I highly recommend checking these out not only for research but also because they are good games.

    As always feel free to post anything that has helped you or would help the community.

    This first batch will be PSP only, but don't worry you can still play them with an emulator. I won't be posting links for download but I can tell you that the Emu I use is PPSSPP.

    Crimson Gem Saga:
    *The story of the game revolves around the protagonist Killian von Rohcoff, who seems to always be on the wrong end of fate. He somehow gets caught up with the search for a powerful ancient artifact.*

    Final Fantasy I & II:
    *I won't bother with an excerpt because you should know what FF is.*
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    Nice post as well x d